In 2018 21 families from Basel asked me to take their Christmas pictures. We shot these pictures both in my home studio and in the Magical Cafe during their annual Christmas Market. Both locations turned out to be very festive and fitting. We moved into our new flat in October and I’m super stoked with finally having the space to photograph at home. It has a floor to ceiling window and we’re on the third floor, which means perfect natural light and enough space for a studio setting.

One of the most fun things about my job is meeting all these different families. Some are very quiet, a bit shy and might need some time to come out of their shell, some are incredibly energetic and outgoing. Some children love to have their picture taken, others check out when they see my camera. A huge part of my job is making sure everyone is as relaxed as possible and when I’m looking at the pictures, I think we all did very well. Looking forward seeing all parents and children in 2019 again!