The Basel Children’s Trust (BCT) has invited me to photograph all the images for their new website. I was very happy with the request, as I have found my ‘mom squad’ via their network and my daughter and me have joined quite some of their events in the past. It’s always a lot of fun to shoot at their gatherings. I try to be as invisible and quiet as possible, but most children realize very quickly what I’m doing there and immediately start to laugh, pose or make funny faces. After some time they usually forget about me and then I can start to take pictures of them playing, socializing and enjoying themselves in one of BCT’s many playgroups.
Here you’ll find the BCT’s website and some of my photos being a part of it. For all of you a small teaser below!


Nature Detective walk



Bumps & Babes playgroup



Gymboree playgroup



Mom & Baby Yoga



Bipbop dance



Halloween party



Christmas party



Volunteers headshots