When I meet Nano for the first time she is two weeks old. She was born premature so she is still quite small and tiny. The midwife is around when I take photos* and after weighing Nano she tells us that Nano is gaining weight as she should be! She then holds Nano in the fetal position and lets me be present when checking Nano’s fontanel and feet reflex. I don’t always get to see and photograph that so I’m very happy! It’s clear to me that Nano’s surprise early arrival has settled in and that they all enjoy being together. Nano shows that by happily falling asleep while being nursed. Just when I want to shut the door on my way out I look back and I see the new family together. They have already forgotten about me and are gazing at their newborn and I press the button for a last loving shot.

*Photo publication is always in agreement with the parents. In this particular case also consented by the midwife.