I see myself as a family photographer. I usually photograph babies, births, families and parents to be and I absolutely love it. That said, I regulary receive inquiries about the possibility to hire me as a wedding photographer. I’m a big fan of weddings (the dress! the emotions! the cake!) and I always feel extremly honored to be invited to be a part of a couple’s special day, so I say yes to a small number of them per year.

I’m around in the morning, usually a small female family gathering around the bride. I will walk around during the ceremony to photograph the couple’s nearest and dearest say wonderful things about them. I usually have some photos with tears of joy, playful children and happy guests. The cake will to be documented ofcourse, the guests, the location and the personal decoration. My photos will serve as a beautiful memory of this warm and loving day.

Next to the occasional wedding, you can also contact me to photograph your child’s birthday party, a baptism or any other special occasion for you or your family!